Not another fat loss post! I thought as I decided to write today’s post. It is a subject that has more blog posts and texts written than any other subject in fitness. Yet it seems that as a society we are not any leaner .  As a matter of fact we have more people who need to lose fat in order to live a healthy life. So where have we gone wrong?!

I hear it all the time I want to try out this diet and do this program and so on and so on. I want to say it right away there is no secret fat loss program and one isn’t necessarily better than another. Dan John the world-famous strength coach coined up a saying on this matter, “everything works”. You know what, he is right  only the thing that we stick to will work.   Being aware of this fact brings us to our first point and step in fat loss, BE COMMITTED!

Commitment to something is not a sexy ideal now a days, yet nobody will achieve anything without being committed to an idea. In order to get to your fat loss goals you must be firm in your decision to “lean out”.  Commitment to a program is more important than the program itself! Here and now you need to decide that you will make a decision to finally lose the unhealthy weight you have been battling with. This does not mean that you will all of a sudden be perfect, it does mean that you will stay in the fight until you win! Never Give up!

After you have finally made a decision , you will want to pick a nutrition program. There are so many of them, so find one that is reasonable and that you can make work for your lifestyle. This point is where many miss it, they take on a program that is too strict then  fail and become discouraged. In light of that choose wisely, here are some principles to apply in deciding which program to choose. One choose a program that highlights whole foods, refined foods will lead to inflammation in your body and a look that you do not want. Whole foods are simple to identify, they are foods that are in their natural state or close to it. (It is hard to eat a live steer) A good program also consists of some form of intermittent fasting, fasting is a very simple way to lose fat and control blood sugars. To learn more on fasting click on this link: and

Lastly and although very important to having the body/health you want is to follow an intelligent training program. Just exercising and not eat less and better will not get you to your goals, however just eating less and better will not make you look the way that you want.
What does an intelligent program look like? Once again it is less complicated than you think, first you will want to lift heavy. Getting the body of your dreams involves overloading your body to burn calories and to build some muscle. the lifts that work will work the best for fat loss will be all of the movements that are based on the fundamental human movements. Hinge,( deadlift) Squat,(please don’t  make me explain this one) press and upper pull. Focusing on movement based training will lead to more calories used in a workout, so; “Train movement not muscle!”

Then finally do conditioning drills after you train, these can be sprinting intervals, body weight and or kettle bell swings and complexes. In addition to all of this, make sure you walk briskly to help you recover and burn some more fat.  If you can do this after a session that would be the most effective time to utilize fat for energy.

Fat loss is not as complicated as our media would love to portray, it will however cost you. The cost will be you must discipline yourself and make changes a little at a time. However if you apply these simple principles given to you in this post, you will be successful at your endeavor. So get to it, if you are sick and tired of your present state and want change. apply these simple points to your life by eating less and fasting and training with simplicity and being active. Happy fat loss friends!


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