Exercise Discipline

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

ImageSelf discipline is not such a popular subject in our day and age. (man!, am I getting old) We often will try all of the latest gimmicks to avoid  talking about and practicing self control. I guess this is why some of the most useless concepts get so much attention. It seems as though many people would rather depart from their hard earned cash, then to use an once of energy on controlling themselves.

ImageI think as with any trait we need to develop, we need to have the right view of self control. As you probably know our mindsets can make or break us in any pursuit. We often time view having self control as having a sexless and boring life, wherein all we do is sacrifice. Nothing  can be further from the truth, although when we begin to practice self control, we will feel funny. However as we continue to develop it, it will begin to feel better and better and eventually will become a habit. So start to think about controlling your self as the freedom you need to overcome the habits that are holding you back from success!

ImageAfter developing the proper mindset, you will need to begin to develop self discipline. As you set out you may feel overwhelmed by all of the areas that need improvement. Don’t be discouraged and never think that you will never change, instead find a small thing to work on. It could be that you need to drink more water, then do that and keep track.  Please be aware, If you only work on one goal at a time you have about a 90% success rate. Two goals and it goes down to 30% and three you are down to 0%. So be patient and get control over one thing at a time. As a bonus this approach will lead to overcoming one thing and being encouraged to work on another.

This doesn’t mean that it will be easy all of the time, because as soon as you set out, it will seem as though all of the bats of hell will come against you! A dunkin donuts will be built across the street from your job and other such challenges. So be strong and resolute in your goal. Just as it is with getting stronger with lifting, that challenge will get stronger in time!

In all of this please don’t get discouraged if you fail at keep your goals at first. Old habits do die hard and some will be harder to beat than others. Don’t let this think that you will never win your battle. Just keep on keeping on!


In closing what will you choose to work on and get stronger at? It may be just eating less and or moving more. You may want to stop sticking your foot in your mouth less or some other habit that is causing you problems in your well being and life. Get to it and build your self up in that and then move on to another challenge. As a plus you will never be bored in life and be able to encourage others as well!


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