You may have heard and recall the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. It is a story of breaking and entering and nerves of steel on the part of the main character. As you may know our hero (if you would) went through the house and began to eat the bears porridge. As this part of the story progresses, she eats the dad’s soup and that was too hot. Then she goes to the mom’s and it is too cold, after that she then eats the baby bears and that was just right. (Btw, why the heck did these bears go out with food on the table, it seems like a good way to get vermin and bugs.) Now back to the story; she then goes to the beds and does the same process of elimination. You may be wondering at this point why a fitness blog is writing about a child’s story and you may think it is nuts. However as always, there is a method to my madness: this story gives us a great analogy for training and the balance needed to get lasting results.  You may be one of those people who just started training and got results and now you have “plateaued” so you think you should do more in your training. You should read on , it will help you.

Some lessons in life cannot be learned at one time and also take time to perfect and develop. Today’s post is one of them balance especially in training and life. Balance can be a difficult concept to grab a hold of and usually many mistakes are made in the process of  the development of this vital trait. However it isn’t something that will just happen, we all know people who never seem to learn their lesson about anything. They constantly are injured sick and not improving in their goals, these type of people will usually resort to more as an answer to their lack of progress throwing their life and fitness even more out of balance and getting worse and worse. What about you? What kind of person do you choose to be one that looks to get even more balanced? Or s there no purpose to your life and training?

   Training much like any thing involving levels of attainment is a process. Another example of this would be schooling, we start at kindergarten and go on through high school and most likely college. Nobody just goes to college, there is a need for progression to grow in understanding and the ability to retain information. Our training is the same; we cannot do too much volume and or advanced movements without earning them.

You may say that seems basic and it is this concept is  training 101. However it is often ignored as people get fitter, no wonder why we have some many dysfunctional gym goers! We all probably know this side of the training equation though, do you know that there is another side also? A lot of people in the gym overdo it, yet there are people who get no where in their training also but not doing enough. Science teaches us that if we don’t do enough intensity our body perceives it as rest and we can actually lose our adaptations! SCARY! but true and we need to acknowledge this fact if we are honest about getting results.

You may say what is the point then?, why should I even train? Do you remember how I said earlier that balance is something we have to learn, I am going to share some points to help you get more balanced and get better results.-

1. Test your self, First and foremost in this is to have a good functional movement system score. Then, after that we need to know what load we should be training with in order to move on in our fitness. So try out how much weight or reps you can do of a movement then divide your total number by 80%.  80% is a perfect number to train at for the most part in order to be safe and see continuous results.

2. Keep a fitness and food journal: this is the way to know when to go up in intensity and also to know when to back off and or take a few days of. So write down your loads, movements, mood,intensity and time of the session (duration) You will be surprised how much this little move will help you and  you are welcome! (lol)

3. Earn the next level. this can be done by mastering the one you are presently at. My good friends Pat Flynn and Som Sikdar spend three months on a program never changing anything but perfecting the technique. I will tell you something it works! So earn the next step friends.

Balance in everything will be process, however we must choose to pursue it and continue to make adjustments in our lives as we train. Be sure to journal and pay attention to your sleep, stress and loads. Perfect your technique and know you proper loads to train with. If you do these things friends you will get much better results in your fitness. Rant over for today friends you survived another one!

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