You probably look at the title of this post and say oh yeah yet another Moses post on nutrition and probably fasting! (vomit) However before you close your mind to the following information, I want you you know that although this post will mention intermittent fasting: it will more so talk about the how to of fasting and the bodies response to new stimulus. In fact I would dare to say that this will be more of an educational/motivational piece. So please read on-

ImageThe free on line dictionary defines a habit as:

hab·it  (hbt)n.


a. A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.
b. An established disposition of the mind or character.
2. Customary manner or practice: a person of ascetic habits.
3. An addiction, especially to a narcotic drug.
4. Physical constitution.
Now I want you to think about when you the last time you were hungry, was it at a certain time of day? I think the answer is a resounding Yes. Does it make sense that you probably have eaten at that time for a number of months and years.  I remember when I worked in maintenance as I went to college and I started at 6 am. Starting this early meant that my “lunch break” was at 1030 a.m. . I can recall thinking that I will never be hungry that early, but that I would eat at that time anyway. Well; you called it, I developed a habit in a matter of days and became hungry at that time.  Can you know see how that type of hunger was a habit? Because it was something I developed through the dreaded word practice! Hopefully by now you see it is the same with you and that if you become hungry at certain times, you have developed a habit.
ImageYou may say Moses, but I get really hungry if I don’t eat and then overeat. What I still want you to see is that you have trained your self to do that. We really do not experience true hunger until a matter of hours and days. In fact I will argue that we who are middle class and up have not truly experience true hunger according to science and our physiology.
So then what do we need to do, once you understand that you have developed a habit, then you can break it . This however is difficult and takes deliberate practice. Our central nervous system actually learns from the things that we practice. Those that have done something new and or changed a mode of behavior know this fact to be absolutely true. at first when we start something whether it be to stop picking your nose, stop smoking or do a new exercise that you have never done before, it will feel weird. However if you stop there you will never stop having that feeling so you push through and overcome the habit, having it get weaker as you do!
So in closing; habit hunger can be tamed and controlled and we can overcome our addiction to food. All we have to do is be willing to push through the challenging parts of your fast and or day. I know this requires self discipline, but you can very well do it! You just have to want the body and health  you want more than being comfortable all the time (btw being too comfortable is killing us). So hang in there friends and begin to train your self into doing what is best for you as a human. Unless of course you have diabetes, then you will just have to eat less junk and less over all. My friends you can do it!

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