After looking at this title and realizing that it is a fitness blog why would I choose such a morbid title? The answer is simple and of course I will respond to it over the next few paragraphs.

I have been in and worked in many different gyms and fitness centers and the amount of confusion and ignorance on how to train is astounding. At one time I was part of the problem, believing and regurgitating the unreasonable programs that so many hold dear. In time I learned the way the human body responds to training and began to change my way of training. I don’t disbelieve in intensity or volume or heavy lifts, in fact That is what I do. However everything should be in its place and time and nothing overdone!

I can remember an interaction on Facebook with a fellow trainer and I stated something along the lines of not overrunning. Immediately a distance runner responded as a mother duck whose hatch lings were being threatened: “Overdoing It”! As if there were no such thing and that being addicted to something was OK and not wrecking his body! If this is what the majority of fitness buffs believe then I want to be in the minority. As Luke Sky walker was( that has a good ring to it Moses, Jedi knight of fitness).

All I will mention scientifically is simply that when you train especially heavier or intensely it takes a toll on your brain or central nervous system. Knowing this should make you wave your loads,sets, reps and take rest times. I believe that this fact is too too often overlooked in peoples workouts and needs to be recognized and applied. You will get no where fast if you ignore it. You may fool yourself into thinking that you are progressing, but if you watched yourself by making a video of your lifts you would realize how poor your from is. Also just for another incentive you will last longer in the iron game and make constant progress throughout your life, If you just apply this simple truth!

In closing there is my answer to my opening question, It is called death wish because some people train as  though they have one! Instead train like a person who has a future and wants to better their life, not destroy their joints and screw up their hormones. In other words think long term and continual progress in your training! Don’t be a Charles Bronson of fitness! Happy training friends! Would anyone like me to write about any fitness question? Let me know!


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