Strength is an interesting thing; people who are strong are often ridiculed for being as such. Think about it if you don’t believe it, how many ads and shows depict people who are strong as dumb. If you need me to be more specific think about the planet fitness ads that smear people who are bigger and stronger. Making them seem as though they were bullies, stupid and inferior to the “regular” gym goer. However I digress before I begin to expose and fix the fitness world’s problems! As you may have intelligently inferred by now that today’s post is about strength and getting stronger.

When I think throughout my career of being a trainer I can think about to a lot of different perspectives on training and fitness. Some of those talks involved people realizing the benefits of being strong. Others were very disappointing and kill my hope in my beloved trade of choice. Some of those involve says such as I don’t want to ‘bulk” so I can’t get stronger. Also there is “why would some one want to be strong?” Both of these statements show an ignorance to the human body and the benefits of being strong.

The benefits of strength are numerous, including keeping connective tissues strong and maintaining/ developing bone density. In addition to its benefits; be aware that proper movement comes strength, in fact your corrective exercises are not done until you are strong. As we all know in the world of sport that  being strong lessen our chance of injury and makes us more explosive and fast. In everyday life strength gives us independence from others for many activities we would not be able to do if we were not strong. Also as we age it is a simple scientific fact that our power declines and we lose the ability to get up out of a chair and lose certain movements.  That is just some of the awesome benefits or getting stronger. Yet there is more: there is a pride that can only come from being strong and getting stronger that is immensely fulfilling.

Getting stronger is a journey and a process that it’s practitioner follows. Any one can aimlessly lift weights and make some progress. As Dan John says:” everything works for 6 weeks”. However if you desire results over the long haul you will have to of course lift and get the right nutrition and rest.

Lifting: Here is where a lot of people miss it; they think that in order to get stronger you must go !00% every time. Although that may sound right it is the path to burn out and not getting and keeping your gains. Instead we should train at 80% so that we can keep improving our 100% safely and over the long haul. I love all of the stories coming out lately about older and elderly people breaking world records, such as Steve Friedes and others.

Rest: with getting stronger comes taxing our central nervous system. So we want to spend a good amount of time sleeping at least 7 hours but, 8 to 10 is better. Then we will want to take days off so that every session is productive and not over taxing. Also you will want to wave loads and reps on your training days. Don’t burn your self out in the pursuit of strength be patient and proud with your gains even if it is only 5 lbs at a time. Again your focus should be getting stronger over the long haul and not trying to impress your friends and a girl or guy!

Progress and earn strength don’t force it: If you think about earning money it mostly is you go to work and earn money each hour over the week throughout the year(s). Strength is the same way so stay focused! Those people who  try to force the next level end up doing ugly/dangerous sets and reps. We all know someone like this and they are usually deceived with their true strength and fitness levels.

Here are some good examples of this thought:

And then some done well:

Donnie Thompson is a man who has progressed for years intelligently and you see the benefit!

You may not wan to break a world record like these guys, however you can benefit from getting stronger. There are many ways to achieve this goals such as barbells body weight and kettlebells. So get out there and get to it!


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