This world offers so much conflicting information, it seems that anything that is believed is contradicted in some fashion. For example we shouldn’t overeat/overeating resets our metabolism. Now oftentimes as in this case both are true in their proper place and time, Dan John says we need to stop thinking about these things as good and evil. I tend to agree with this assessment, whatever you may believe when it comes to fitness will change in time. It is the way science works, it is an ever evolving field. So just this fact should make us have an open mind to investigate and expand our knowledge of health and fitness. I am not saying get caught up with every fad that comes along, however we need to use the science we know and examine the research. I think one reason why people stick to a certain mindset is because they are just plain old lazy! This being said today’s post is about a controversial subject fasting every time I write a post or discuss this principle, I always get a response of that is bad for you and you will lose muscle if you do that! Such people who say that have not kept up with current research.

I say that because all of the literature that has recently come out shows us that a lot of the metabolic issues can be solved by eating less and or fasting. Fasting does a lot of wonderful things in our bodies

One, it is simple way to eat fewer calories when we don’t eat well we have no calories coming in and we use fat as an energy source instead of using the food we have eaten for energy. Brad Pilon the author of the book eat, stop, eat says the if you fast for 24 hours you will be cutting your basal metabolic rate ( the calories you need to live) off your caloric intake plus your daily activities (work,training etc). For me that is close to 3000 calories a day that is almost a pound of fat. Sounds good right! In addition to that great benefit you will want to eat well otherwise on your regular days and train, so that you will get to a pound or two if you add two fasting days in! But wait there is more! fasting releases ephedrine and non ephedrine in our bodies which are fat burning hormones. The only other time that happens is after an intense training session.

Two, we can regulate our insulin levels by fasting. A lot of our health problems stem out of insulin being out of control in our bodies. Insulin as you may know is a storage hormone and too much of it counteracts our growth hormones, so it needs to be kept under control. Fasting can help you with that. Now please be mindful if you have diabetes or are a hypoglycemic you will want to talk to your doctor about a fasting program. However if you are healthy I would go for it!

Three, fasting makes us more alert , saves us time and money It is simple because adrenaline is released in our bodies due to fasting and fat is being used for energy you will not get crashes as before. Also since you are not producing serotonin after eating carbs you will not get the tired feeling. It saves us money because you are eating less and therefore spending less money on food. Also you are using the time you would spend thinking about food and or getting food, you will have more time to get stuff done and the alertness to do it! Also fasting will cut down or eliminate your boring drawn out duration cardio! Yay!

Be aware though that all of these benefits are true it will not be easy at first. you will experience hunger, just remember it is more of a habit than legitimate hunger. If you always eat wings with football and have the craving for wings, it is because you have trained your self as such. It is the same with the times we eat; so remember that and have some self-discipline to stick to the program that you choose to do.

Fasting has been practiced for generations and the cultures that do practice it are usually much healthier than those that do not. Think about the Mediterranean diet it isn’t just they  food they eat, they also fast regularly for religious reasons.

In closing I have given you my reader ample reason to practice fasting and if not at least look into it deeply and weigh the evidence. if you do both you will not be disappointed with the results! Happy trails friends!Contact me if you want more info and or want to talk about fasting in deeper detail and programs that you can do.

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