This will be my last post about these movements in this detail. I hope that last few weeks have helped you gain a deeper understanding into programming and effective training. If so please leave a comment or email me at Also if you want me to write about any fitness questions do the same and I will answer them here on the blog in the form of a post.

Now having said that I will move into the “meat of today’s post. Our final human movement is the hinge, this movement should be trained pretty frequently especially for Americans because how much we sit. Another issue with this movement is that it doesn’t get trained so much by fitness buffs, because we want to hit the “show me” muscles such as chest and biceps. Leading to an imbalanced body and greater risk of injury as we train and play.

First and foremost we need to be able to touch our toes before we hinge. If you cannot do this simple movement task you most likely will be producing a move that will injure you and be completely ugly.  Needless to say if you can’t touch your toes you will want to get to the point where you can touch your toes before you do any hinge movements.

Then after that is done, you will now want to pattern the movement. There are two ways that are simple to learn this; one find the folds of your hips, stick your hands in them and push your hips back. This drill can be more effective if you stand in front of the wall and push your rear back to the wall. Another drill is to place a stick on your back, keeping it in contact with your head, mid back and butt as you hinge. This will ensure that you are moving through your hips and not hinging at your spine.

Now that you have established this movement we can then (and only then ) safely move into all of the deadlift variations. This is when it gets fun (and painful) because the kettlebell swing is a hinge deadlifts are a hinge. Olympics lifts involve hinging. So take your time and learn this move and progress throughout its variations! Happy training friends and get strong by training movement!


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