ImageMy last two posts have been about human movement as you probably already know. We have covered the upper body motions so far such as pulling and pushing the variations that I chose to share are not exhaustive, but are a good starting point.

One thing That I have learned in my career is that an intelligent productive program will leave out all of the unessential and be focused on your goals.One of the moves that should be a staple in anyone’s program should be squats. Squats are a basic movement and are utilized in life more often than you may realize.   

So why then do certain doctors and fitness professionals say not to do them? Well first Probably because in their experience they have only seen people who have harmed themselves by trying to squat with poor form and doing too much too soon. Also they may not be well-informed, who knows what some groups will say soon, maybe not to walk because it is dangerous! (ha ha ha)

I want to give you some hope fellow fitness buffs and friends(since my name is Moses) that in spite of what some say squats are safe! (now I am not naive certain health problems may mean not squatting at certain times ) However there are some things that you must do in order to be safe.-

One: you must make sure that you are not going to the end of the range of motion of your spine. In other words don’t go so deep that your spine is bending, not only is that not safe. Doing so will zap you of your full potential to be as strong as you can be and are. So Stop before this mistake happens go slightly above that spot. Also, as a bonus your legs and abs will get a better training session!


Two: Don’t let your knees bow inward or valgus. Allowing your knee and or knees to collapse inward will lead to knee injury. In fact many scientists believe this particular problem is the main cause of knee issues. Instead take a weight (dumbbell or kettlebell place it at your chest as a counter balance and stick your elbows to your knees to support them and focus on pushing your knees out as you go down and come up.


Now that you are aware that squats are safe and how to ensure that they will continue to be. We can now discuss how awesome they are for every fitness application, from sports training to just plain old fitness.

How to perform a safe and effective squat-

First and foremost no matter variation you choose to do, you will want to be active on the negative portion(downward) of the squat. Think pulling yourself down or pulling the floor towards you. This will put you in a place of strength and control and give you the muscle tension to stand up. Now once you are in the”hole” you will want to tense your glutes and stand up by driving through your heels. Some things to be mindful are: let your shoulders come up towards the ceiling and not bringing your hips up first to stand up (as in a good morning). Make sure to match up your breathing with your movement, in on the way down and out (not completely) on the way up. Remember to keep tight at all times as you lift for safety.

The progression into and out of a squat can be as follows: if you have scored at least a 2 on the deep squat in the FMS. Start off with a goblet squat Dan John developed this move to teach others to squat, so it is a good place to start at. Then once you own that movement place the kettlebell on one arm and do a front squat keeping both sides equal as far as reps done. Then after you can do 10 quality reps on each side- move on  from there by using two kettlebells to build further strength.   The third step is front squats with the barbell, the form of these is the same as the other steps- just let the barbell sit on your shoulders  and hold it in place with your fingers.

 In closing get on it, start squatting don’t make excuses such as “they are bad for your knees, back, anus” whatever! Just do it well pay attention, stop checking out the hott girl’s butt as you squat! Focus on the movement and it’s nuances and reap the benefits of this awesome move! Happy trails friends!

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