Protecting your low back! By you guessed who:p

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I wrote this post last week for my gym’s blog and wanted to share this important info with this group!


ImageLow back pain is such an issue in our society, in fact according to statistics it it the number one reason why people miss work. So is there any hope? Can we do anything to protect or make our backs better? Or are we doomed to suffer just because we age as a fatalistic approach will lead us to believe.

May I say there is hope for you if you have back pain with the help of qualified health care professionals. Even better to know is that if you don’t have any pain or injury is that you can prevent (within reason, car accidents are an exception and so on). The kind of pain I am writing about is the cumulative “earned”  pain through lack of education and or carelessness. In addition to this if you are injured you can use these guidelines to help along the healing process and…

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