Today’s post will be very informative; you will laugh, you will cry.  Oops!, never mind that is  any drama or chick flicks movie trailer. Instead I would like to discuss an important aspect of training paying attention to yourself. It is very easy to let your self go through the motions after any period of time and or become random without thought or any quantifiable progress. I want to humbly offer you some principles that can keep you off this painful trap of thoughtlessness. Such as tracking and knowing and taking their next step when you need to.


Tracking is a very,very,very important part of your fitness.I don’t wish to discuss how to track because I have written about that before.…/trackyourprogress-see-and-love-the-results.. 

Instead I will briefly discuss the need to apply this principle if you want results.-
First if you do not track you will possibly rush your progression and not be able to take a either the next step or another down the road.  How can you know where you are at if you don’t monitor it?! Then you can see how difficult a movement is and the number of reps you were able to do with good form and without. Also you will know why you may not have done so well on any given day at a movement by putting down your mood /energy levels. Tracking also enables you to know when to back off of an exercise and or take time off and what moves may need improvement. So get tracking at first it will be a lot of effort ( as any change is) but you will not be disappointed you did!

Earning/ taking the next step-

Now if you have nailed the tracking principle this following step is almost a by product of a good tracking program. We can easily end up just going through the motions and not receive the full benefits of training. Tracking gives you the ability to plan well and then to know the next step to take in achieving your goals. For example my goal right now is a one arm chin at my present weight. So by tracking I know how many reps I have been able to do so far in my two arm pull up and that I will need to go to uneven pullups soon. If I didn’t do that and have a plan and progressions in mind, I probably would rush and end up with an ugly one arm chin and probably get side tracked and not keep the goals my goal. Tracking Works

In closing, ladies and gentlemen you will want to track; so that you will be able to train well. Just going through the motion will lead to randomness and cheating on your exercises. As we well know when an exercise gets away from proper form it becomes ineffective and the chance for injury goes up. So pay attention, just as you should your finances and other important things in your life! Happy trails friends!


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