Fat loss is a common goal; fat loss is rarely achieved.  Why? why do most seemingly honest people never realize a leaner body? Or they lose fat just to put it back on. Is there some kind of secret society or move that ensures its members and followers that they achieve “the holy grail of fitness”? It may seem to be so or the biggest one is genetics, do they hinder you from losing fat?

Fat loss is both a destination and a process, It is a destination in that it is a goal that exercisers want to arrive to. Also it is a process because it involves constant change and adjustments in order to arrive to that destination. Because the name of this post is how not to arrive to fat loss we will discuss the mistakes that most make on the way to that goal.

Mistake #1 not getting enough or the  right information:  This is the big thing about science and health there is much information out there, oftentimes leading to confusion and being paralyzed from taking action. The-Thinker-500-x-375[1]
There are certain principles that need to be applied to any fat loss program if it is to be effective. Such as eating less, you MUST eat fewer calories than you use a day along with quality whole foods. Any thing less than this will leave you disillusioned and devoid of fat loss.  So this truth should be the corner-stone of any fat loss program that you choose to follow.

Mistake #2 doing too much cardio/ lack of intensity
This is another big mistake that happens at fitness centers across the world. Cardio training is good and it will add in some extra voluntary caloric expenditure.The first mistake that fat loss seekers make is doing too much cardio, because more has to be better right? wrong!  Too much cardio will screw up your hormones firstly making fat loss harder and causing you be frustrated. In addition to this it will lead to you not having the body you want ( a healthy lean one) Secondly too much of anything but walking may lead to you having heart problems. Another mistake that is done in the realm of cardio is to do more to see results rather than amping up  the difficulty of the session and making it shorter.

Mistake#3 Not doing resistance training/enough intensity

I won’t cover too much of this just suffice it to say that you need to do resistance training if you want a rocking body. However little baby weights will not cut it though, you must overload!

Once again fat loss is simple eat clean and less, do resistance training and high intensity cardio twice a week. You will not regret it if you do!


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