There are so many things that are so very unnecessary in life.One of the things that I believe we all can benefit from is making things as simple as possible. A good example is when we spend more money than we earn and then have to work too much and burn out or screw our credit rating. The SIMPLE solution is to spend less money and live in our means. (That was my rant on life) Once again as with life so it is with our fitness.

Are you aware that it is not that difficult to achieve the results you want? Now may I say that does not mean that you don’t need expert guidance or proper information. To quote my friend Salim Poindexter SfG level 2 – “training is like pottery you do not need more clay you just need to strip away the nonessentials”. The reason why I decided to use this video is simply because, it shows an unnecessary use of fitness equipment. The answer is to simply keep it simple and to train movements such as the hinge, squat, push,  pull (upper)and maybe some loaded carries. Any more than that is unessential and simply needs to be discarded. you say what about variety? or won’t I “plateau” if I only do those movements and my response is No! Just follow progression in those movements. Master the basics and own them and that will keep you busy for a lifetime and do not for the love of all that is good make up your own exercises they are not researched and you may find out the hard way why I say not to! Keep it simple friends and enjoy your training! Happy trails friends


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