The title of today’s post is exactly what the post will be random, my goal is to express a few things that have been on my mind. That is what I love about blogging it is very therapeutic for me. In that I can release some things that I need to release and hopefully change some minds and hearts in the process. I do recognize that many human beings will not change, because change is scary. Changing means that you will have to admit that you do not know everything and that you will possibly have to leave behind ideas that make you feel secure. To me this type of mindset is hindering and will keep you from achieving your full potential in any pursuit.  If you desire to be successful; you will need to change!

Random thought #1  Lack of patience  This is mostly written regarding training however these timeless truths can be applied to any pursuit. Building something is all about process, this is true if we want to move better, get stronger, lose fat and so on. Often times as we pursue our goal the first step to few steps are easily attained then a “brick wall” is hit. Popular fitness thought would be that you have hit a plateau and that you will need to change your program. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact this is when you will need to buckle down examine your program and make adjustments if necessary and keep on keeping on. Training for the results of the elite is not easy and you will need to stay in the “box” and keep on working towards your goal. It doesn’t matter that you think you should be able to do the movement or load right now. What matters is that you are working on that goal, persistently and patiently.

Random thought#2  be committed You cannot  halfheartedly pursue anything and expect success and glory. Commitment is essential for anything to work I am aware that I am writing to a world that fears commitment like the common cold so it may not be taken so well. Just remember that a wise commitment to something that is good will lead to huge returns for YOU! in the long run so don’t fear the c- word, just use your head. Just an extra thought those who are committed are the ones who can boast int the end!

Random thought#3  Always blaming others and genetics Our genetics do not have as much control over our lives as we would like to think. Scientifically this is proven, although nothing is perfect; we can control a lot more of our outcomes than we think. We don’t have to be overweight and weak sickly or depressed. We can do something different from our family members , we can change our lives with the right information. You just have to put some effort into learning, moving well and more and most of all eating less and better.

If you want a good source for scientific info, stay tuned to this blog and True fitness we strive to bring you research based tips that can change your life If Applied! So get to it Stop blaming others and your “bad hand” take control of your wellness, be patient with your progress as your are committed to change and progress. You will be happy you did and are! Happy trails friends!


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