As promised this week’s post is a continuation of last week’s post. If you read it you will know that I briefly ranted about some things that tick me off or get my goat. Once again may I add my disclaimer that I am not a grumpy person, it is simply that I am passionate about fitness. May I re-iterate what was stated, Forced reps are not the way to progress into your training and also are unnecessary and counterproductive. People that are unwilling to change( I will simply never understand this) and of course one of the big ones I hear often that you should eat frequently to lose weight and or gain mass.

Now I will like to present to you more rants about things that also get my goat:

Rant 1:  By training to fatigue you will improve your fitness/conditioning, This is a horrible thought fatigue doesn’t teach any body anything at all if you are looking to improve your movement. Fail! This will only lead to you compensating and sacrificing form to make you extra reps and lead to a lack of true conditioning. Have you ever seen a distance runner try to force an extra mile or so, they contort their body and use poor posture etc. to make that goal. Once again the body will always sacrifice quality for quantity . So do not chase fatigue in your workouts, instead chase performance and progress steadily and surely. Also you start too late and want to make it to your goal in a short period of time, that is your fault.

Rant 2: Injury is a sign that you are a hardcore trainee: This is dumb in so many levels, injury is not a sign that you are an amazing athlete or fitness buff. It is however a sign that you are or were dumb about what you did! Think about it the time you need to spend off as a result of injury is not a time that you will make progress in but will rather de-condition and atrophy. So once again train progressively and intelligently!

Rant 3:People who don’t listen
This is a rant that we all can relate to. Have you ever spoken to someone and they talk over you and then say huh? when you answer them. Listening makes you learn new things  so listen up people! As the old saying goes God gave you one mouth and two ears so you will listen.

So there it is my rant for this week, you now know things that will get my goat. Please learn from these things and grow:) Also what gets your guys goat feel free to comment below.


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