ImageThings that get my goat, I am not sure where this saying came from but I like it! Fitness as whole has many things wrong with it. Some things I don’t like because they are plan wrong and dumb. Others may be okay however not the best thus they “get my goat” also!

Now please be aware of the fact that I am not a “grumpy” person (although some of my blog posts make me seem so) I am just passionate for fitness in it’s truest and safest form. So I feel the need to speak out about that which is the opposite of that. My attitudes and thoughts have been shaped by eleven years in this industry and much study and learning. I have seen and done to myself many things that were not wise and saw and reaped the consequences of my choices. So when I talk it is as one with experience, so please do your self a favor and listen!

Goat getter number one- When a person believes they have to force reps to make progress. This first of all always leads to poor form , in fact I saw a man today at my gym doing pushups and his hip rotated to the left and his back sunk like a old horse. Do you think that is safe and or effective? I believe he didn’t have the body awareness to know his form was that sloppy and plain old dangerous. Our bodies will always sacrifice quality for quantity, so be aware of this fact and watch your form. also be aware that if you can’t fix these mistakes you most likely have a fundamental movement problem and should consult a FMS expert and get it fixed asap! Don’t waste time on poor technique and the consequences it brings. Now this doesn’t only go for forced reps but too much of a load too soon. Progress slowly and steadily!

Goat getter number two-

People who are stubborn and unwilling to change. This always astounds me, because when we take this attitude on we make ourselves that much more ineffective. I am not sure the reason for this perhaps it is that these peoples ideas are like Linus’ blanket that offers them false security. Please don’t be like that; I am not saying that you should believe every old thing that comes along we need to use judgement and weigh the facts. However if it is clear then change you will always be happy you did!

Goat getter number three-

Eating frequently will cause you to lose weight because it speeds up your metabolism. This one makes zero sense, first because your metabolism is based on your lean mass(i.e organs and muscle tissue) needing to survive and operate. Secondly your metabolism is also based on your activity levels working out and moving throughout the day. “So first move well then move often.” The eating frequently fad is based on a few things but here is two; 1. the body uses energy (calories to process food) this is true, so it is then thought to eat more to burn more calories. This make sense right? wrong! the amount of calories used to break down food are small so it shouldn’t warrant eating more which  can lead to fat gain. (if you go over your calories needed in a day) 2. it will keep you from starving and over eating. this can be true however you will have to eat so small meals to do this. plus the study that came to this conclusion didn’t show more fat loss in the group that only eat three meals. So if you want to lose fat eat less, that is the only way.

 This post could keep going but in order to not bore you my readers, I will stop here for now. I plan on doing a part two next week, so stay tuned to this blog and please apply these facts. These truths will help you make consistent gains and progress if you follow them and they are free:) Happy training friends!


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