The other day I overheard a conversation that made me want to write today’s post. Btw it is amazing what you can learn if you listen to others. I digress though the conversation want something like this: talking about the dog sled our gym has “you have to be careful with that.” As though the thing were a venomous snake with the will to destroy every living thing in it’s path!

ImageOnce again not knowing produces fear and confusion in the gym goer. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t say it is the common man’s fault, however it is a problem when trainers believe that kind of fear and aren’t aware of how the body works and movement.


What is safe then? let me me answer this question by telling you what isn’t as safe as you think it is- Machines! in Gray Cook’s dvd functional movement screen applying the model … Gray states and shows statistics regrading how people feel machines are safe but more injuries happen on them then other pieces of equipment! (soak that in for a second)  Are you aware of that fact? Do you still use weight machines? Well unless you are a body builder ,STOP! Not only do machines have absolutely no transfer to real life. they also force you into positions that may not be natural to you, they can cause movement dysfunction because they isolate parts of the body that should be working together. Also they mostly lead to a brainless workout and allow lousy trainers to continue to “train” people. (here is a knowledge bomb for you if your trainer works with you on machines RUN!) You don’t need the lack of results and consequences.

Well you say what about the elderly and infirmned;Let me say they especially don’t need machine work. What they do need is something that will address their unique needs and make their life better! Machines and isolated exercises cannot and will not do that for them! So be smart stop being mindless about fitness and start using you brain, as Dave Whitley would say “No brain no gain”! (I will write a post in the future about senior training fort those who have questions)

Now what is safe? any move you do that is done properly and with appropriate load. So then is the dog sled safe? #@$*Yes! Are deadlifts safe once again Yes! Are squats safe? you know the answer:)! You just cannot not be mindless as you do them. You absolutely 110% need to pay attention to what it is that you are doing. Also as you probably know by now that your movement must be adequate to do such moves!

It all once again comes down to the basics of exercise we need to learn the movement well after we are sure that we move well enough(by a passing score on the fms screen). Then we need to take our time progressing stop trying to impress your friends and babes at the gym you are simply making your self look like a tool anyway! Also you are guaranteed to regret that mindset anyway. Move weight just move it safe and intelligently and earn the next step before you take it. I want to stop writing posts like this, so shape up people!:) So we all can move on on our pursuit of strength and fitness Happy trials friends!


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