I thought today could be a fun post, so I will post funny videos and we can comment on them. Ready to go friends, let’s go.-

Ok, how many can tell that this guy does not want to work out. Or maybe he values his mind more than his body:p Although I think a borders maybe the place to go for this type of “workout”!

Have you ever noticed that when people show off is usually when they blow it! Btw these type of exercises are completely pointless, unless you are a seal and then it is functional. Also your trainer then can give you a fish!:p

Really?!  I won’t even bother! Next video maestro-

Ok! now I have seen everything! There are plenty awesome exercise out there that are completely safe and effective there is no need to re- invent the wheel!

This guy needs to listen to his body. Also we always need progression don’t end up like him!

This weeks post was for fun But I do hope you learned something from it. You never know when someone has a camera so master the basics and be smart! Have a good week friends!


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