When it comes to fitness there are two kinds of people in the world. There are those that love to rush the process of progress and those who never take the next step. If you have been connected to my rants, you will find that in order to make true progress you will need to earn the next step. This principle cannot be ignored if you desire to  move on in your fitness and be able to handle every tier of a movement. We all have seen those that think they are progressing, however they aren’t their form goes in the crapper as they take the next step and we all wince and cringe as we watch them workout.! So don’t be one of those people!

Now as always my post is not about those who need to slow down in their training, but to those who need a push!

Are you an unsure person? Do you second guess everything? I can sympathize In many ways I am like that and I will say that , it is good to be like that with important life decisions. (marriage, career choices,etc). However over analyzing can lead us to not taking any action and lead to regret and missed opportunities to move on in life.  As in life it is again true in our fitness, we can be paralyzed by over analyzing our movements. Let’s say you make it to the level that you have gotten to 20 pushups on the floor and you spent time earning that level of strength. Now you are aware the next step is progressions into the one arm pushup and you decide you are not ready. So you decide to just stay at the step you are at, you just let fear get you and cause you not progress any more in your training. What you want to do in this situation is, simply remember how far you have come from. Then be willing to take the next step, it may be scary but the worst thing is that you may not be successful yet.

In my experience I have felt nervous when taking the next step, I remember when I squatted triple my body weight. My legs trembled and my heart raced and the voice of self doubt told me I couldn’t do it. I stepped into the rack and got under the weight and went to town. I did that weight eight times (and my legs hurt for a week)! but I was successful. Fast forward a month and I attempted the same weight and did three reps and dropped the barbell. At times we will not be successful in our next step, however if we are training wisely we will have a better shot at victory and achieve it more frequently!

So here is my encouragement for you-continue to train smart and earn the next step. Then don’t just stay at the level you are comfortable with or that you think you can do. Move on, progress in your training! As you do you will build your confidence, change your body and arrive at fitness levels you never thought you could do! Remember fortune favors the bold! Get to it friends and you will be glad you did!


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