The kettlebell is a exercise tool that has been around and utilized for about 300 hundred years. Although it has been around that long,  it recently has gotten a lot if attention in our western world.  This particular implement has been proven to produce awesome results when used properly, As a result of this knowledge a lot of unqualified people are using them in their programs.  Now we all know what happens when someone isn’t instructed in proper technique. First it always leads to a ugly looking exercise,  but most importantly it can and most likely lead to movement dysfunction and injury.

You have probably heard of kettlebells at this point if you are involved in the world of fitness. What is your initial reaction to them? Is it that they are bad? Or do you think that they are awesome? Your experience and the level of instruction you have received probably will determine your answer. Did your trainer take them time to teach you and progress you through the movement? Or did they just put it in front of you and say swing it? How about just showing you and giving an poor explanation as to it’s technique? If you answered yes to any of these questions you probably have an instructor or coach that doesn’t care or isn’t qualified to teach you kettlebell movements.  And you need to stop doing kettlebell with them, I am not saying to leave them completely . However that is up to your judgement.

I decided to write this post for today, because the truth about kettlebell swings is that they are awesome and have a low injury rate.(when done properly) I am constantly hearing people say that kettlebells are bad, And my response is that they aren’t bad just using them poorly is bad for you! So find a qualified instructor to teach you and if you are a trainer have the technique dialed in and learn the proper way to use them. Then you can say is a swing and hit, rather than a miss! Happy Trails friends.

  1. Tracy says:

    OMG, you see some ugly stuff out on the interwebs. Thanks for speaking sanity and truth!!


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