I guess a lot of my posts lately have gone back to the basics. (way back) ! I think that I will keep doing that, because I dare say (with all respect) that most people don’t even have a competent grasp on the basics. So here we go back into the fundamentals of human movement and my topic today is crawling.

Do you realize that a good crawl is a precursor to many exercises in the prone position? Exercises such as push ups, planks, etc. Also crawling can be a corrective exercise for rotary stability and the trunk stability push up . If you have been screened and have come up short in these tests, maybe you would want to consider trying the bear crawl to help you.  After you have gone through your rolling patterns and mobility correctives.

In terms of just plan old exercises, the bear crawl (and other variations) are a challenging way to work the core, try these instead of boring old crunches. (which are bad for the low back anyway) Talk about burning the abs! Crawling is also good as an upper body strengthening tool and will connect the upper and lower body via the core. In addition to this it is great for shoulder stability work, talk about a loaded exercise!

Now  for the how to do it part of the post: The bear crawl is a simple exercise however many do struggle with it at first. In order to help learn it properly, I usually start someone in the position, with their hands directly under their shoulders and with their knees bent as if they were squatting  .  Now, your back will need to be flat not up or down, if you have it you should feel your abs working if not make the adjustment. Now press your hands and feet into the floor and hold it for thirty-seconds keeping focused throughout. If you have that down, then lift your legs a little while holding your position. Then your arms and if you keep the tension in your core you are ready to walk with it!


Bear crawling is an awesome exercise and can be used on your dead-lifting days in between sets. It can also be performed on your light days and in conjunction with your body weight exercises after you have finished your more difficult exercises. Now that you are aware of this move, start to practice it you will love its challenge! Have fun and train smart!

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