Do you know what is freakin’ sweet in the fitness world, but not enough people know that it is? Go ahead guess I can wait-jump- rope, yes Jump-rope! There are numerous benefits to one of the lowest tech. pieces of exercise equipment, before there were treadmills and other such fitness tools there were you guessed it the jump-rope!

Getting started-As I stated earlier there are numerous benefits to jumping rope; however as all knowledge it isn’t useful until it is applied. So you may ask then, how do I get going? And what is the technique that I need to use?

First, I will show you how to select a rope size, because if your rope is too long or short it will not make for an unpleasant training session. My guideline for rope selection is to be able to stand on the rope and to have the handles end up at the waist or a little above it. Or you can make an educated guess; I like my ropes to be about two feet taller than me, I am 5″9 so I usually use at eight and a half or nine footer.

Second, the technique of jump-rope is simple and involves timing the turns of the rope. As you may well through trying to jump-rope, that in practice that although it is simple it can be hard to do. So let me say this don’t get discouraged by not being perfect at it. Learning it may involve practice.

However, don’t allow not being perfect at it to keep you from its benefits. Here they are a few pointers to help you with your technique first make sure you are using your wrist to turn the rope. This trick may lead to you having to focus more, but it will save your shoulders from being overworked and lead to more reps performed by you. (More work = more calories burned and more conditioning) Next time then rope as it turns wait for it to hit the floor and you will then want to take a little hop over the rope. Then do one after another, welcome to the world of jump ropers! Nice work!

Just in case you need more convincing here are some of the benefits of jump-rope.-

Jump-rope is a self-limiting activity; which simply means that it will make sure you do it well or you won’t be able to do it at all. Ever see someone run or walk and they look contorted, jump-rope will make you keep good posture as you do it; thus, leading to less of a chance of injury and a more productive workout.

Jump-rope is a weight-bearing activity this simply means that you will burn more calories jumping rope than riding a bike. Also for those people who are endurance athletes it will help you in your conditioning without repeating the same pattern over and over again leading to overuse injuries.

There are many different ways to use it-Think about this one it doesn’t take up much space so you can keep it with you at all times. You can do things like jump-rope in between your sets when you are doing your resistance training. You can do circuits with it, Tabatha protocols, and finishers and so on. You are basically limited to your imagination!

So in conclusion; jumping rope is a great activity and is useful for everyone in their fitness endeavors. Learn how to do it if you don’t know how and go town with it! You will love the results you get from this old school low tech. training tool! Like me you will think it is Freakin’ sweet!

  1. kwarren1970 says:

    I teach a weekly interval class and every once in a while I’ll include a 1 minute jump rope interval usually repeated twice for a cardio burst. It sure does get the heart rate up and you are right, you either jump the rope correctly or you don’t.


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