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Nutrition isn’t what we thought it was, instead it is the opposite a diet of whole foods with intelligent fasting is the way to go! If you want to see change then change!


Image When it comes to the discussion of nutrition or diet programs, who do we believe?  Even so called accomplished nutritionist or experts have different programs and opinions that are so complicated and confusing we don’t know what’s true.  After reviewing many diet programs (cookie diet, south beach, low carbs, soup diet, weight watchers, jennny craig, vegan, paleo, gm diet) I have found one common denominator to all of this nonsense.  Caloric restriction!  Simple way to understand this is just eating less than what you are eating now.  Brilliant right?  Who would have thought that you actually have to eat less to lose weight?  That is just too easy.  Have you ever thought about why restricting calories or fasting is not popular ?  You guess it, IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY.  The food companies cannot make money if you do not buy their products.

Lets start by discovering the truth behind some…

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