Dysfunctional and fit?

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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ImageI love fitness, I love helping people realize their goals. However  over all, fitness leaves many things lacking in my opinion. I say this for a few reasons, One, we neglect movement competency. Two, we value a certain look above all and judge those who aren’t the same. Three, we use our fitness levels as a drug where with we mask and put a band aid on our emotional issues.

Let’s deal with number one-first-If you have read any of my writings you already are aware that I am a stickler for proper movement patterns. Now knowing that I want you to look at the above picture of Jillian doing a goblet squat. Do you see any issues with her technique? I hope you answered yes, because there are two things I can quickly identify. The first is that she treated her squat as a power back squat, and that would be ok. Except it is a front squat and instead of your hips going back they should go straight down and your back should be vertical. Secondly her spine is completely flexed and even with a barbell or any other move that is a no- no. Why because it will lead to spinal damage. Now some functional movement screening before she tried to squat with a load would find any issues cause this poor technique and then give a path to correct them. So if you are a trainer or exercise person place your highest value on movement competency.   Here is a proper goblet squat done by Master sfg Dave Whitley there is huge difference, especially that his spine is nice and vertical without any bends.

Image Image Number 2-We value a look and judge those who don’t have it, since when did plain old vanity become our main focus in fitness. There is no reason at all health wise to have super low body fat levels. However it also isn’t good to have high body fat levels. If you are a person that is into being ripped that is cool and fine and you probably work really hard at it. Just don’t judge others who aren’t. There are people who need the gym and fitness to save their lives and those type of attitudes can keep them out of the gym. Of course I don’t believe in being a wimp either so there is a balance.

Lastly people who use exercise as a band aid for emotional issues; I am not a psychiatrist however I have seen this issues in every gym I have been in. So I want to say this is a real issue, if you are continually beating yourself down in your training you may want to get a qualified person to help you. Because as you continually keep beating your self down it will lead to all kinds of problems with your health. A wrecked immune system and injury are some issues that can happen.

So here is my rant for today, It isn’t a normal post that you would expect to read from a trainer. Yet it is true, my beloved industry needs some changing and I will be the first to admit so do I. I hope you see your issues and want to deal with them. Whether it be a movement issue then get screened and fix it. If you are judgmental then change and finally get help if you have an  exercise addiction. Happy training friends!

  1. Fitness and “beauty” come hand in hand. Most people like the fact that their body is changing and becoming more pleasing to the eye. It is a sad state of affairs, but true. That is why gyms have mirrors all over the place. Most people forget about feeling good and become focused on looking good. I agree with you 100% though.


    • boxer114 says:

      I agree and there is nothing wrong with looking good. However at what price?! People are willing to do stuff that is harmful just for the “look”. When fitness is not just a look, there are things like flexability and motor control. I smell a post:) Thanks so much fro the comment.


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