Earning the next step!

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Fitness, health, training

Life and fitness have the same rules.  In our lives we don’t just appear as you well know, there is a process involved. Two people come together and there is a time of development in the womb,  approximately 9 months later we are born. Now that is just the beginning of everything for us, we come into life completely and totally dependent on our parents for our continued existence. Sounds very boring doesn’t it, and yet the process of development continues. We start to roll, then we get up to our hands to crawling, and finally walking running , etc., ( and this is when the trouble really begins)! During this time we make many mistakes, we fall down trip , etc., yet we keep on earning our ability to walk.

After all of that comes school and we begin to grow intellectually, this is also a frustrating time. Because we learn new things and are challenged in so many ways, there is frustration and again failures involved . Once again we push through and move on to the next grade and level of education. Still we aren’t done, after all of the effort we put into that part of our lives we need to get jobs. While working  we struggle and strive to earn more, get better positions etc.

So I ask you why wouldn’t  fitness be the same? Why is it treated different? Yet it is, as a fitness industry we have many people that are doing move that they haven’t earned at this point. In addition to this huge error in judgement (which is plan old exercise physiology), at lot of people have no baseline for movement competency. Therefore the people that are trusting such people to guide them into safe and effective programs are failing their clients. No wonder why we can’t just cue such people to proper movement there is simply a restriction that hasn’t been dealt with.

Enter the functional movement screen; if you are not familiar with this system it is a screen of seven movements to find any movement issues that we all have. After we find any issues we then can begin to deal with them through corrective exercise. This process is much like the developmental part of our early life. In this part is where most people get impatient, but be aware this is the most important part of any program. Because you will not be able to completely realize your goals if you do not move well.

Then after that we have a whole process of building strength on top of your proper movement. Then (if you are in a good program) you will spend time progress into and out of every movement and a wise person will not move into the next step if the one before it isn’t easy enough to do yet. In other words you will earn he next step, if you do not and rush not only is your chance of injury goes up but at some point you will fail in your program. You may ask what a good program looks like, so I will give you and example using pushups,

Wall pushups-10 reps. Times 2 sets work your way slowly into by adding 2 to 3 reps a week into 2 sets times 30 reps.

Box pushups-same thing

kneeling pushups-same thing

regular pushups-same thing

Now if you spent proper time on each step you should be doing perfect pushups with full range of motion. In other words you have earned each step, and built muscle and burned fat. Congrats. Now the option if you choose to run ahead of the progression is at some point you will not be able to do a step in the progression, or a ugly pushup with poor range of motion which truly isn’t effective. Please be aware it is the same with any exercise there are stages of development as with our growth and development in life.

So now that you understand a proper progression get out and do it and if you skipped a step return to it and own it. You will be glad you did!


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