Track your progress (see and love the results)

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Fitness
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Greetings readers and guests welcome to this week’s post.  Today I want to talk about goals.  Goals, goals, goals! They are what we want to achieve, but they can be elusive. How many times do we set out to get to a new level in our fitness and then nothing happens. Well, if that is your problem read my post from last week, it has some points to help you make good choices to persevere.

However today  I want to talk about a tool for training that is often neglected:-ready? Tracking! Tracking? Yes, tracking. We need to record our workouts and food consumption. It is a simple concept, yet not following this principle leaves many people never getting to their goals in fitness.

As you can probably tell by now this post isn’t going to be too long, however get out and get to it.  Find a book that you can write in, track your workouts, raise and lower your weight, reps, Etc. Put your moods in there and your energy levels and you will be surprised how this will help you get to your goals. Now track your food intake and decide what you will add or take away as your days and weeks go by. So as you can see today’s post is simple but once again if you do it, you will be very happy you did. Enjoy your training my friend!

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