New years!

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Fitness


New Year’s is upon us and all of its fun and festivities. This is the time of year when people begin to reflect and resolve to make changes in their lives. (My resolution is always to not make a resolution, I haven’t failed yet!) :p The fitness world knows this, and this could be a good thing and this can also be a bad thing.  What do you mean by a bad thing? Well first of all a lot of these companies are only interested in making more money and not in their member’s progress. In fact I worked at a large gym that wanted people to sign up and not show up. As if that in its self was bad enough, a lot of centers like that will utilize fitness myths to get people unto their membership rolls.

Those myths are what I am going to cover in today’s post-

Before we start may I say that if you believe any of these and or disagree with these that is fine. However, do yourself a favor and look into it, and weigh the facts from a good source other than fitness magazines.

Myth 1-Muscle is highly metabolic and a pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day.

I wish this were true, the truth is that muscle only utilizes 5 to 15 calories a day at rest. The good news is that is an extra pound of fat a year per pound of muscle that you possess. Now let’s think about the facts would be if this were true, I am presently 205 and I have about 180 lbs. of lean mass. (Organs, muscle, etc.)  If my muscle burned 50 calories per every pound I would a whopping 9,000 calories to maintain it. Wow! I could never eat that much and couldn’t afford to!!!


Myth 2-You need to do cardio at low intensities to burn fat.

A little background on this studies were done a while ago and it was noticed that the lower intensity exercises burned a higher percentage of fat. So that means that if you burn 200 calories in 20 mins of low intensity aerobic training well you may burn 90 calories from fat. (Not too much huh?) But if you do interval training hitting higher intensities coupled with lower ones for the same time periods you will have used more calories and thus more fat. So make sure to add interval training in with lower intensities days throughout your week.

Myth 3-If a women lifts heavy weight, she will get bulky.

This is a very annoying myth, because it keeps people from realizing their potential and keeps a lot of women away from resistance work completely. Now there are two simple arguments against this lie for women. No.1 is your hormones women are estrogen dominate, and estrogen is a hormone that is catabolic. Which means that it will not build you up.  The second argument is built on that truth and is that you would have to take steroids, overeat and do a bodybuilder workouts to get “bulky”. So don’t do those things and focus on quality and a good amount of resistance (heavy) 80% to 90% of your one rep max. If you want a good gauge of this it is the weight you could only possibly do 5 to ten times. Also if you want to be safe stop your set with 2 reps left in the tank and do not go to failure.


I have dealt with three myths in this post and I hope they help. (If you do them they will). So get to work if you are a new year’s resolutioner, and don’t quit because everyone is expecting you to. Make the changes you need to make slowly but surely. Slowly add in intensity and frequency and you can and will be successful. Also if you are a trainer hold your clients accountable, don’t just blame them if they fail and take their money. Be a motivator and make it work for them they are paying for your help and if you can’t break off the relationship.









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