Breathing ? yes!

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Breathing,breathing, breathing, Why are you covering breathing on a fitness post? Isn’t fitness  all about a look? The answer is no; not completely although the lean look is part of fitness one of the flaws in our american fitness is too much emphasis on the body alone. If you think about the programs that gained headway in our media have been all about being lean. In these programs there is usually no emphasis on flexibility, mobility, strength and of course breathing. Which this post is about; as I stated in my last post there are consequences to not breathing properly in our training and our life. I will discuss them in more depth today and not to bring “doom and gloom” some of the benefits of it’s practice.       

Let’s get started shall we:-The process that takes place without a controlled breathing is detrimental to our health and wellness. It also make our training suck as I stated in my last post. (not so eloquently of course):) As to not bore my readers here we go; our pain, problems and unconscious fears bring aniexty to us. We all know and can see that right?Then we enter into our fight or flight state. (no wonder we have so many road rage indicidites) we begin to have a high pulse and sweating takes place. We get tense and tight as a result our neck and shoulders get tight we have headaches and chest pain. Need I go on? Yes, because this leads to loss of calcium and disturbed muscle function. Then comes the weakness and lack of pain tolerance tiredness, light sensitivity numbness and other problems. Now if you have these problems it doesn’t mean it is from a poor breathing pattern however it doesn’t mean it isn’t. 

I hope by now you are convinced that breathing is important and that you are ready to do something about it.  In light of that possibility, I will give you some drills to practice one lie down face down and put your hands on your forehead. Now take a deep breath in through your mouth, ( I want you to feel what chest breathing feels like) then after that breath in through your nose and send the air down towards your hips. Do that a few times and fill up all of your belly. Once you have accomplished that ( you may need help from a partner, have them place their hand on your low back then your sides to make sure you are filling up the areas you need to.) Your next step is to hold your breath until you feel the need to breath, then nice and slow breath out completely. You should feel more relaxed you can practice this as a destresser in your car, house, job , etc., (just don’t lay down while driving)LOL. You can practice this maneuver while sitting also. So back to fitness if you are a runner,lifter, kettelbeller, and so on apply this belly or diaphramitic breathing in you exercise. Hyperventilation without you controlling your breathing (except for super intense activities i.e. sprinting) is not a goal and isn’t very healthy. Also it doesn’t mean you had a great exercise it simply means you need to focus on your breathing and to match it up to your move. If you want to know how to do this; see my last post. May you begin to enjoy your life and training through the power of proper breathing.


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